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Perfect Yorkshire Puddings

How to make perfect Yorkshire Puddings.

 Yorkshire Puddings

A Yorkshire Pudding

For best results make the batter the night before it is to be used and store it covered in a fridge.


Weights are not very important in this recipe, instead we use volume.

The recipe is based on thirds.
One Third Eggs
One Third Plain Flour
One Third Milk and Water Mixture.
Pinch of salt.
Fat or oil to line the tin.

Mix the eggs, flour and milk/water togeather and whisk until smooth (no lumps)to form the batter. Store the batter in the fridge for at least 30 mins.

Place the generously oil/fat lined tins into a hot oven (200′c) for a few mins to warm through. The open the oven door and pour batter into each compartment as quickly as possible. Get the oven door shut as quickly as you can after doing this and do not re-open the oven door until the pudding are ready.
Cook for 25-30 mins until risen and golden brown.

Serve Yorkshire Puddings quickly with meat gravy as a starter or with meat and veg as part of a roast dinner.

This Yorkshire Puddings batter recipe is great for making toad in the hole with.